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How to Sell a Business:Summary of the Selling Process

Few people know how to sell a business. Even most very successful business owners have never sold a business. The first thing many business owners say when they call us is "I want to sell my business". Next, they often ask: What is your process for selling a company?

Although every sale is different, they do share some common steps. Those steps are listed below. Note that these steps and descriptions are general and for information purposes only. Any of these steps can be modified or eliminated in the course of selling a company. However we have outlined the steps that overview, how to sell a business.

At the end of this page, there is a link for transaction structures. How a deal is structured has significant implications to both buyer and seller. We put it at the end, not because it's the last step, but because it doesn't really fit in neatly with the sequence of events like the other elements do.

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Initial Meeting with You
Prepare a Representation Proposal
Buyer Profile and Marketing Plan
Prepare a Selling Memorandum for Business Sale
Types of Business Buyers

Protecting Confidentiality
Find Prospective Buyers (While Protecting Confidentiality)
Screen Inquiries
Meeting with Prospective Business BuyersLetter of Intent (Non-binding Proposal)
Negotiate Details of Acquisition Offer
Mutually Agreed Upon, Binding Letter of Intent
Due Diligence
Purchase and Sale Agreement
Closing of the Business Sale
Transaction Structures
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